Genre : 60/70/80/90'S, PUNK/WAVE/GARAGE

Type : Concert

pre-sale: €20 ex

Box-office: €23 ex

  • 20:00 – Doors open
  • 20:30 – Support
  • 21:30 – Shriekback
  • 00:00 – Curfew


The big news from the jungle of the senses is that one of the finest live bands of the post-punk era is returning to the stage after spending some 25 years quietly producing a succession of low-profile – but high-quality – studio albums.

Shriekback was formed by bassist Dave Allen on his departure from the Gang Of Four in 1980, in collaboration with ex-XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews and, shortly after, guitarist Carl Marsh from Out On Blue Six. Under the auspices of the visionary Y Records (label-mates included The Slits, The Pop Group and Pigbag), the group found their voice experimenting in EMI Music’s KPM demo studio in London’s Denmark Street, refining a uniquely recognisable sound in 1982 on their first full-length album, Care, and achieving wider recognition with the singles Lined Up and My Spine (Is The Bassline). A move to a major label, Arista, allowed this sound to be fully realised on 1985’s Oil & Gold, a milestone album that remains the band’s best-known (helped by the success of the single Nemesis) and the foundation of their popularity on the US College circuit and elsewhere.
Oil & Gold also heralded a period of line-up changes (Marsh left shortly afterwards, followed by Allen after the next album, Big Night Music) and experimentation in style and format, ranging from a relatively more commercial 8-piece band (which toured extensively world-wide, notably in support of Simple Minds) to a smaller, more intimate, near-acoustic unit. In all, the various line-ups recorded five studio albums between 1988’s Go Bang! and Glory Bumps in 2007.
Marsh made a tentative return in 2015, contributing two tracks to Life In The Loading Bay, which was otherwise effectively an Andrews solo record under the Shriekback name. This was followed in 2016 by Without Real String Or Fish, which included Barker in a fuller reunion of the band. This successful reformation in turn prompted the decision to return to the live arena during 2017 and beyond, with a Kickstarter campaign currently underway to fund the initial set-up and rehearsal period. With Allen unavailable, the trio have recruited Scott Firth (P.i.L) on bass and former stage collaborators Steve Halliwell (guitar/keyboards), Mike Cozzi (guitar) and Wendy and Sarah Partridge (backing vocals). This 8-piece band will enable Shriekback to give full voice to all the force and nuance of their extensive catalogue, and the group are eagerly anticipating their first shows.

SUPPORT: Model Depose

Model Depose are the New Romantics of the present time. The new- wave and synthpop inspired popsongs fuse with techno, electro and rock elements. Distinct, emotion- lled vocals and solid, contrastive compositions give Model Depose their original, recognizable, leading identity.

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