Type : Concert

pre-sale: €10 ex

box-office: €14 ex

  • Radio Frappè DJ and Dancy Set 20-21.30
  • Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra 21.30-23.00
  • DJ Mukambo 23.00-00.30
  • DJ Baobab 00:30- 02.00

Please note that times are subject to change

If Fela could roll without nationalism and just groove to the meditation. A slower romantic Africa than war-ridden armageddon. Dele Sosimi born in Hackney, joined Fela Anikulapo-Kutis Egypt 80 in 1979.He stands out as one of the most active musicians currently on the Afrobeat scene. From his debut solo album “Turbulent Times” (2002) which featured the cream of the resident Afrobeat community to the 3-CD compilation entitled “Essential Afrobeat”, with Family Recordings (Universal), released in October 2004, then producing and co-writing “Calabash Volume 1: Afrobeat Poems” by Ikwunga, the first Afrobeat Poet, also released in 2004 through to the Wahala Project, which released the single Wahala in 2006 which also appears on Puma’s 2006 Soccer World Cup Compilation CD “Africa Plays On” culminating with his 2nd Album “IDENTITY” The possibilities are endless, the genre is given a new lease of life. AFROBEAT LIVES ON!